Arther Lohrey

Captain // Owner


Arthur has been captain of the Dirigo for nearly a decade; and has lovingly restored her from sinking at the dock to Bristol fashion. Captain Art holds a USCG OUPV License, and has operated his charter business in the San Juan Islands for the last 9 years.  Now he sails the business' flagship south to warmer waters...

Morgan Lohrey

Relief Captain


The daughter of Captain Arthur, Morgan has been going to sea for longer than she can remember. It was with Morgan's encouragement and helping hand that Arthur was able to bring the Dirigo to where she is today. Morgan holds a USCG OUPV License, and captains the Iris in the San Juan Islands...

Spencer Weber

1st Mate // Videographer


Spencer is a sailor, engineer, filmmaker, wannabe boatbuilder, and Bluenoser. Spencer has only been sailing for a few years, but has already owned several of his own boats, racing one of them to Alaska in the R2AK. Spencer is now combining all his skills and passions working onboard the Dirigo II as Mate...


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